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Press releases | Archive 2011

RBC's stock placed on MICEX quotation list B

Moscow, November 30, 2011 RBC OJSC (MICEX, RTS: RBCM) hereby announces that its ordinary shares have been placed on MICEX's quotation list B, according to the stock exchange's decision dated November 28, 2011. Prior to this decision, RBC's shares were admitted to trading on MICEX without undergoing a listing procedure (non-listed securities).

According to the stock exchange's rules, a stock included in quotation list B must meet certain capitalization and liquidity requirements. Specifically, the company's capitalization must exceed RUB 1.5bn and the volume of transactions over the last three months should be at least RUB 1.5m. Furthermore, admission to quotation list B carries additional information disclosure requirements about corporate governance.

“The inclusion of RBC's shares in quotation list B gives the company a number of advantages. Firstly, it provides access to a broader base of investors. Secondly, with its stock on list B, the company is entitled to issue American or global depositary receipts for trading on foreign markets, should it become necessary,” RBC CEO German Kaplun said.

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