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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC launches new analytical project RBC Ratings

RBC launches new analytical project RBC Ratings

This project envisages a regular publication of rankings (lists of companies sorted out by a certain parameter, for example, by turnover) and ratings (analytical products based on a number of parameters, including subjective evaluations) that meet the demands of RBC's target audience to the greatest possible extent.

The aim of this project is to provide RBC users with accurate, consistent and well-structured information on various segments of the Russian market. RBC Ratings can be used as a tool for analyzing market changes as well as a source of analytical commentaries.

RBC Ratings will publish and regularly update both financial and consumer ratings in order to attract financial and stock market professionals and the middle class who are interested in objective evaluation of the broadest range of products and services.

All the ratings and rankings will be split into two groups: leaders and outsiders. In other words, the project will cover not only "the best of the best", but also "the worst of the worst". In particular, it is planned to issue the ratings of "The most unreliable banks", "The most under-performing unit trusts" and "The most untrustworthy insurance companies". RBC believes that the publication of such ratings will enable its users to have a clear picture of the situation on different markets in order to make sound, informed financial decisions.

"International rating agencies give an answer just to one question: what debt instrument or issuer is more reliable compared to others. We know by experience that businesspeople and middle class representatives have thousands of questions, to which RBC will try to find answers with the help of this new project," RBC Media Business Director Artyom Inutin said.

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