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RBC’s Internet resources show sharp rise in audience

Moscow, April 29, 2011 — According to a recent survey by TNS, the total Internet audience of RBC reached 56m users as of the end of the first quarter, rising 22% year-on-year. All of RBC’s key Internet resources have shown a substantial growth. RBC remains the fourth largest player on the Russian Internet market in terms of Russian audience, which amounted to 20.4m users in March.

The audience of Rbc.ru business portal increased 39% year-on-year to 18.2m users as of the end of March. The portal is the undisputed leader in the business news segment.

The audience of Rbcdaily.ru online newspaper soared 51% in the respective period to 3.0m users. The growth is attributable to the launch of an upgraded version of the website in 2010, which contains a broader range of news issues, functionalities, and is integrated into leading social networks. RBC Daily ranks second among business newspapers in terms of its Russian Internet audience (2.4m users).

To further boost its business audience, RBC has launched an iPhone application, which makes it possible to track the news reports from Rbc.ru, Cnews.ru hi-tech portal, Autonews.ru, automobile market portal, financial information from Quote.ru, read RBC Daily and watch RBC TV. This application will soon be available to owners of iPad and Android Smartphones.

The number of users of RBC’s non-business resources climbed 33% year-on-year to 51.4m in March, primarily thanks to a 65%-increase in the user base of the Qip.ru portal. In 2010, RBC consolidated all its key non-business resources into Qip.ru, which has been turned into a portal offering its users advanced communications media, entertainment and subject information. The monthly user base of the portal amounts to 18.9m.

Other RBC non-business resources that have shown an impressive growth include Loveplanet.ru dating website (114%-growth to 6.4m users in March) and Smotri.com video file exchange website (82%-growth to 10.6m users).

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