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Press releases | Archive 2014

RBC completes the update of its business platforms

Moscow, September 28, 2014 - The RBC team is pleased to announce the completion of yet another stage in the evolution of its business platforms and introduction of the revamped RBC portal (www.rbc.ru), RBC newspaper, and RBC magazine, as well as the launch of a new season on RBC television channel. As a result of this effort, business platforms will be consistent with the single RBC 360° brand in terms of concept and content.

Relaunch schedule

  • September 29: relaunch of the newly designed RBC portal
  • September 29: start of the new season on RBC television channel
  • October 1: relaunch of RBC newspaper in new format
  • October 22: relaunch of RBC magazine with new content

Why do we embrace projects’ relaunch?

Over the past twenty years, RBC was on a par with the Russian business in terms of development. As the business was evolving, so did RBC. A company providing market quotes has gradually turned into a large business media holding. Nowadays, with the fast-pace life and constantly increasing information flow, our goal is to provide a full scope of useful information to our readers at all times. We aim to offer a comprehensive product, starting from a news publication, and ending by publishing of an analytical text or a video interview on a certain topic that features different views on the matter. At the same time, we eliminated the barriers between RBC platforms. Individual platforms are no longer viewed as a brand, but rather as a channel, with all channels constituting a single brand. This helps us provide value to our audience by creating a single communications network, bringing our readers and viewers together, and offering efficient interaction tools to our advertisers. That is how we see the 360° brand concept.

Driven by desire to facilitate convenient and easy access to information for our audience, we present a new stage in the evolution of our business projects by tailoring them to the needs of our audience consisting of economically active people.

What’s new?

RBC portal (www.rbc.ru): new design

We made navigation and reading more user-friendly. Real-time news can now be seen on the left side of the screen next to the live broadcast of RBC television channel, which means up-to-date information is readily available. We added more analytical texts and long-reads. The homepage is designed to guide the reader from easy-to-read to more complex materials: as you continue reading you go from news to its analysis and topical materials.

RBC newspaper: new format

The newspaper will be published in a compact and convenient A3 format and will include only relevant and important information. Information for good decision-making is now available in one place.

RBC magazine: new content

In contrast to our other products, the magazine will see fewer changes in design and format (we just revised the logo on the cover), but more profound changes in content: the magazine will now feature more success stories of various entrepreneurs, ratings, ideas, trends, and forecasts.

RBC television channel: new season

The programming grid has become more dynamic: a news block is featured every 15 minutes, while other programs are now shorter but more impressive. We changed the graphics. We invited Russian business leaders to host TV programs.

Regardless of which RBC platform you choose, you will receive content that meets high quality standards, i.e. RBC standards.

If you have another minute and a half, take time to watch the video (in Russian) about RBC business platforms’ relaunch.

RBC Team

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