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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC launches Price Forecasts project

RBC launches Price Forecasts project

The Price Forecasts product compares favorably with similar projects as it provides reliable information, which is promptly updated. The product has user-friendly interface and the possibility of saving user settings. Price Forecasts' well thought-out system of pop-up help windows and detailed user manual will considerably simplify getting started working with the product.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that several technical features of the Price Forecasts project are unique to the Russian Internet and the product's standard of performance is at the same level as similar western products. Only RBC's Price Forecasts offers recommendations of various investment companies and banks regarding a company, a chart showing changes in prices for its shares and immediate access to a corresponding section of a database on issuers and stock exchange information.

The product will be useful for those investing in Russian shares, analysts as well as everyone who needs forecasts and recommendations on the Russian stock market. Access to the resource is free.

The product is available at: www.quote.ru/stocks/targets and targets.quote.ru

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