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Nikolay Molibog appointed CEO of RBC

Moscow, December 27, 2013 – RBC OJSC (Moscow Exchange: RBCM) hereby announces that Nikolay Molibog will take the office of RBC OJSC’s CEO on January 10, 2014 pursuant to the resolution adopted by the company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Molibog is currently first deputy CEO of RBC.

The Board of Directors also appointed Derk Sauer Chairman of RBC OJSC’s Board of Directors starting January 10, and Valery Senko, Onexim Group investment director, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“I am very happy that Nikolay will take over as CEO,” says current CEO of RBC Derk Sauer. “In the last four months we have created a new management team to move RBC forward. With this team – under the leadership of Nikolay Molibog - in place, I can return to my position as President and Chairman of RBC. I look forward to closely cooperate with Nikolay and help him and his team to successfully complete the transformation process,” Derk Sauer added.

Additionally, changes have been made to RBC’s Executive Board. Starting January 10, the following members will be on the Board:

1. Derk Sauer, President of RBC OJSC;
2. Nikolay Molibog, CEO of RBC OJSC (Chairman);
3. Elena Myasnikova, Vice President of RBC OJSC;
4. Alexander Lyubimov, CEO of RBC-TV CJSC;
5. Ekaterina Kruglova, Deputy CEO of RBC OJSC;
6. Maria Erlandts, CFO/Deputy CEO of RBC OJSC.

RBC is a leading Russian multimedia holding, with leadership positions in news and business media as well as in domain name registration and hosting. RBC provides a full coverage of business information via key media platforms and offers means of communications and additional services on the Internet and on mobile devices. The holding’s aggregate audience exceeds 70m people per month.

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