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Press releases | Archive 2007

TNS Gallup Media survey reveals impressive audience growth of RBC's printed editions

Moscow, March 27, 2007 - The latest survey conducted by TNS Gallup Media1 for the period of December 2006 through February 2007 has revealed the tremendous growth of the core audience of RBC's printed editions, which was way beyond the management's expectations. Despite the fact that the RBC business magazine and RBC Daily business newspaper that belong to OAO RBC Information Systems (MICEX, RTS: RBCI) were launched just a year ago, both these editions demonstrated impressive average issue readership (AIR) figures compared to similar but much older editions. In addition, the survey brought to light excellent social and demographic characteristics of the audiences of the magazine and the newspaper.

According to TNS Gallup, the AIR indicator of the RBC magazine, which was launched only in March 2006, has already reached the level of 158,300 people, i.e. 1.7% of the population of Moscow aged 16 and over. The magazine's six-month audience amounts to 294,800 readers, or 3.3% of Muscovites. More than 57% of its readers are company heads and specialists, and some 20% are either company owners or co-owners. At the same time, around 70% of RBC's readership are well-off people with active lifestyle and enough money to buy expensive goods. For example, more than a half of readers (55%) have foreign cars, and some 40% traveled abroad between December 2006 and February 2007.

The audience of one issue of the RBC Daily business newspaper, which was launched on September 25, 2006, reaches 67,000 people, or 0.7% of the adult population of Moscow. TNS Gallup measured the newspaper's six-month audience as equal to 424,900 people, i.e. 4.7% of Muscovites. 77% of RBC Daily's readership have higher education. Over 68% represent middle class and people with the above-average incomes. In addition, 35% of readers are top managers, and around 37% are specialists. 14% of the newspaper's audience traveled abroad on business in the period between December 2006 and February 2007, and more than 38% went there on vacation.

It took RBC's magazine and newspaper only one year to achieve these results. Just to compare, the Moscow audience of one issue of the Forbes monthly business magazine that has been issued in Russia since 2004, is 213,600 people, or 2.4% of the adult population, while AIR for the Vedomosti business newspaper (published since 1999) is 95,700 people, or 1.1% of the adult population of Moscow.

In the end of 2006, the Salon Press publishing house, which is part of the RBC group of companies, issued Russia's first car magazine for women entitled Zhenschina Za Ruliom (Woman at the Wheel). The magazine's audience was also measured by TNS Gallup and reached a very optimistic AIR of 73,000 people (0.8%) in Moscow.

"We are very happy about the results of the survey. Despite the fact that so little time has passed, all our print media projects are demonstrating a growing popularity among the core audiences. We consider it a great achievement on the print media market, which is new for us. This became possible due to the strong synergies with RBC's other media products and high professionalism of our team, which, I strongly believe, will make RBC's editions the ultimate leaders in their segments," General Director of RBC Media Artyom Inyutin said.

1 - Media National Readership Survey - Moscow is conducted by TNS Gallup among the adult population of Moscow aged 16 and over. The total sample size is 45,000 interviews per year. The survey method is based on telephone interviews (CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).

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