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RBC TV to hit 100% penetration rate in Moscow

Moscow, March 26, 2012 RBC OJSC (MICEX-RTS: RBCM) hereby announces that RBC TV, Russia's premier business TV channel, has entered into an agreement with Mostelecom on expanding its technical penetration in Moscow. As a result, RBC TV's coverage in the Moscow region through the city's cable television network will reach 100%, and the channel will be available to more than 3m households serviced by Mostelecom. It will take about a year to connect subscribers to the network.

RBC TV has been present in Mostelecom's cable network since 2006, and by the end of 2008 was available to 75% of the capital's subscribers. Also in 2008, RBC TV was added to all standard cable packages of the AKADO network, which services over 1m households in Moscow and its closest suburbs. By cooperating with AKADO and alternative cable operators and once the remaining 25% of Mostelecom's subscribers are connected, all residents of Moscow and its closest suburbs will have the technical capability of viewing RBC TV.

"RBC TV's upgrade program, which was carried out in 2011, has yielded positive results. Specifically, the channel's national daily audience rose 17% in 2011 and reached a record high level of 3.1m viewers in January 2012. Connecting the remaining 25% of Mostelecom's subscribers is yet another important step in RBC TV's development and will help expand the channel's audience in the capital, which is the most important region in terms of advertising sales. As RBC TV is scaling up its footprint and the ratings are climbing, we intend to raise the channel's advertising prices in September," RBC's CEO German Kaplun said.

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