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RBC wins the "Golden Gong-2002" award

RBC wins the "Golden Gong-2002" award

The history of the "Golden Gong" award goes back to 1994. It was established by the Alliance of Russian Regional Mass Media Heads (ARS-PRESS), the Public Relations Bureau "Republic" and the Union of Publishers and Distributors of Printed Media. The award winners are selected by a panel of judges which represents leading journalists and heads of All-Russian mass media sources, top officials from the government, public foundations and centers that deal with journalism.

"The fact that RBC became listed on the Russian stock market last April created an important precedent for the national mass media," said RBC General Director Yury Rovensky. "RBC represents a new model of media business in Russia which helps to ensure its total independence. For us the 'Golden Gong' award means that RBC's successful IPO is being highly recognized by the Russian journalist community."

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