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RBC TV's monthly audience exceeded 10mln viewers

RBC TV's monthly audience exceeded 10mln viewers

RBC TV's weekly audience gained 44%, rising from 5.3mln viewers in May 2006 to 7.6mln people in 2007. The daily audience was growing most dynamically during the year. It surged 58% from 2.8mln people to 4.4mln, partially due to a significant increase (by 79%) in the number of viewers who watch the channel on weekends. According to the company estimates, RBC TV's technical coverage is around 50mln Russians and approximately 15mln people in the CIS countries and the Baltic States.

"We are delighted with the results of the survey, which proved that RBC TV is not only the largest business media source in Russia, but also the most dynamically growing one. We were particularly pleased with the significant expansion of the daily audience, which testifies to the strengthening of the core audience of the channel and of the viewer loyalty. Based on the results achieved to date with respect to the channel's audience size, we anticipate a considerable rise in RBC TV's sales starting from autumn. At the same time, we continue to expand the channel's viewership in large Russian cities and abroad," said Artyom Inyutin, RBC TV General Director.

RBC TV viewers now watch the channel more frequently during the week. In May 2006, 19.4% of the audience watched the channel on all five weekdays, while in 2007 the figure rose to 22.5%. The number of people, who watch RBC TV on both Saturday and Sunday, increased from 18.2% to 21.5% of the weekly audience.

In respondents' opinion, RBC TV remains the most unbiased and impartial channel, providing comprehensive business coverage. Apart from news programs, other most preferable RBC TV programs include "World in a Week", "Intrigue of the Day", "Russian and International Press Monitoring", "Sphere of Interest" and "Markets". In addition, 43.8% of viewers are used to discussing matters mentioned on RBC TV with their colleagues and partners, and about 29% - try to learn more about the topics mentioned on the channel.

1 - The survey was held by telephone poll (CATI) in Moscow , St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, as well as by face-to-face street interviews in other cities. The survey's universe was 45,103,000 people.

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