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RBC-TV audience tops 17.4 million viewers

Moscow, March 24, 2011 — RBC group of companies announces that according to TNS Russia, the monthly audience of business television channel RBC-TV rose to 17.4 million viewers in January 2011. This is a record high in the channel’s history. The increase amounted to 5.4% compared to January 2010 (up by 893,000).

RBC-TV’s weekly audience also demonstrated dynamic growth, reaching 8.6 million viewers (up by 122,000). The channel’s monthly audience in Moscow climbed to 4.7 million viewers (up by 224,000) compared to January of last year.

RBC-TV’s audience continues to consist primarily of executives and business owners, as well as people with higher education.

“Over 17 million of the most affluent Russians watch our channel, which is an impressive number. RBC-TV today is the leading Russian business media and continues its dynamic expansion by introducing new formats both on the TV and online,” RBC Media General Director Artyom Inyutin stated.

RBC-TV is the first Russian business television channel. It was launched in 2003 in cooperation with CNBC Europe and CNN International. It is the country’s largest specialized business channel, covering economic and financial events in Russia and across the globe. It features cutting-edge current topics, breaking news, interviews and research items provided by Russian and foreign experts, live broadcasts on location, themed broadcasts and reviews of various industries, as well as data from international news agencies. RBC-TV broadcasts around-the-clock with a focus on analytical and news streams.

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