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Press releases | Archive 2008

RBC launches Russia's first anti-aging magazine

Moscow, March 24, 2008 - The first issue of Lifetime magazine, a most trendy anti-aging lifestyle publication featuring anti-aging stories, will be released on March 26. Lifetime will be the pioneer of anti-aging publishing in Russia.

Anti-aging is a contemporary lifestyle that has been gaining momentum among modern people, and is a combination of everyday habits, decisions and actions that allow a person to stay in peak condition, maintain a sense of emotional well-being and optimism for as long as possible. The magazine has been structured to cover as many interesting issues for its target audience as possible, including all the news from the healthy lifestyle industry and the latest findings in the world of anti-aging medicine, state-of-the-art technology reviews, expert advice and commentary, success stories and celebrity interviews. There will be a practical section offering information on healthy eating, fashion, sex, cosmetics, fitness and aesthetic medicine.

"Lifetime magazine is targeted at successful people aged 30 and over," RBC Media General Director Artyom Inutin said, adding: "We want to encourage the drive towards a healthy lifestyle and social activity among the Russian people, and offer our readers reliable guidance and support in their aspiration to be modern and enterprising."

According to Artyom Inutin, "The need for such a publication has long been apparent, as with the steady growth of personal incomes and the emergence of a stable middle class, more and more people are starting to think about how to stay healthy and beautiful after 30. RBC currently boasts the most affluent readership for whom the subject of anti-aging is relevant. This is why, we have decided to fill the gap and launch the first anti-aging magazine on the Russian mass media market. We are positive that Lifetime will be a success with our readers."

Approximately $3m has been invested in the project and the RBC management is convinced of Lifetime's high financial potential when compared with women's glossy magazines, which make dozens of millions of dollars. The plans are to ramp up the magazine's circulation to 120,000 copies by 2009.

Lifetime will be distributed amongst retail chains as well as beauty parlors, SPA, fitness, medical and beauty therapy centers and delivered to RBC's VIP clients. The magazine is run by a professional editorial team of journalists with extensive experience of working for glossy publications.

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