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Press releases | Archive 2009

Quote.ru to be incorporated in RBC portal

Moscow, April 23, 2009 - Russia's leading stock market and financial news portal Quote.ru is set to become part of www.rbc.ru. Similarly, the popular travel resource Turist.ru will also join RBC’s main resource as one of its sections. As a result of the move, Quote.ru will be renamed Quote.rbc.ru, while Turist.ru will operate as Turist.rbc.ru. The integration of the online resources, which belong to OAO RBC Information Systems (MICEX, RTS: RBCI), will help streamline online ad sales and enhance the sales process efficiency.

All news, information, market updates and services featured on both Quote.rbc.ru and Turist.rbc.ru will be accessible within the www.rbc.ru portal navigation. Website traffic for both resources will be registered by the single www.rbc.ru meter in all measurement systems provided by Liveinternet and Rambler.

In the longer run, yet another RBC project may become part of www.rbc.ru – the job vacancy and resume search engine, Ulov-Umov.ru as well as other specialized web sites.

The technical effort involved in integrating RBC’s business-related websites has already been completed, and the new consolidated portal is to be launched in the near future. For users’ convenience, each of the resources will still be available at their old URL address, as well as their new one.

“RBC’s strategy has always been up to the latest demands of users, partners and advertisers. We are positive that uniting the brands that all enjoy a high degree of trust from both users and partners will provide for sound synergies in ad sales amid the ongoing economic instability,” said RBC Media’s General Director Artyom Inutin.

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