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Press releases | Archive 2015

RBC sells QIP.ru

Moscow, March 23, 2015 - RBC OJSC (Moscow Exchange: RBCM) hereby announces the sale of a web portal QIP.ru to a group of private investors interested in the project’s further development.

All of QIP.ru main satellite projects are part of the deal. Specifically, information services: news aggregator News.qip.ru, educational database 5ballov.qip.ru; entertainment services: online tests and surveys Aeterna.qip.ru, astrology forecasts Horo.qip.ru, cards Kards.qip.ru, radio Radio.qip.ru, stock photos Photo.qip.ru, screenshot service Shot.qip.ru, online forums Borda.ru and Forum24.ru; personal services: free QIP.ru hosting and data storage and exchange service Files.qip.ru. Mailing service QIP.ru was also sold, while QIP messenger was excluded from the deal.

“As part of our strategy focused on developing high-priority business-oriented projects, we have sold yet another large entertainment website — QIP.ru. The buyer is an experienced player in the market of CPA networks interested in developing this project by consolidating it with its own assets and launching new products based on the QIP brand. One of our key priorities right now is to ensure a smooth and stable transferring of the project. We expect the transitional period to be brief, as all QIP.ru employees were handed over to the new owner,” said Media Mir CEO and RBC Deputy CEO/CTO Alexander Kononenko.

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