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Press releases | Archive 2002

RBC becomes the only representative of Saba Software in Russia

Moscow, November 22, 2002 - RBC SOFT, a subsidiary of OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS: RBCI; MICEX: RU14RBCI4001), has become the only Russian IT company representing products developed by Saba Software, the world's leading provider of Internet-based learning networks. The signing of the respective agreement with Saba Software has become another move intended to broaden the circle of RBC's strategic partners, which include such recognized leaders of the IT industry as Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Siebel, Network Solutions, VeriSign, Oracle, SAP and AltaVista. The aim of such cooperation is to adopt cutting-edge information technologies and apply them in Russia.

The introduction of Saba Learning systems to the Russian market gives government and commercial organizations with extended office networks, as well as training providers, unique opportunities for the efficient organization of the training process for their employees, partners and clients.

Online education is very important for such a large country as Russia. In addition to resolving the problem of covering vast distances, one of the main advantages of distance learning is a reduction in the cost of learning and expenditures arising from the necessity to travel to training centers. Among other important advantages, one can mention the absence of any limits on the number of learners and the possibility of planning the training process and analyzing its results.

"We are confident there is a demand for distance learning systems in Russia. Large government and commercial organizations, including banks and insurance companies, show significant interest in large-scale solutions with a broad spectrum of tools for the organization and monitoring of the training process," said RBC SOFT Director Alexey Kuzovkin.

Solutions offered by RBC comprise consulting services and the installation of Saba Learning systems, as well as the preparation of training methodologies and courses. With the support of the leading Russian universities, RBC renders professional assistance in computer didactics for the adaptation of existing authorized courses and technical support in the preparation of new courses.

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