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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC introduces new online financial resource Quote.ru

RBC introduces new online financial resource Quote.ru

Quote.ru aggregates RBC's extensive experience in providing information on stock, financial and commodity markets. The new resource includes news lines, commentaries, exchange data feeds, market share statistics, databases, archives with analytical reviews from leading investment banks; over-the-counter markets, tools for technical analysis and exchange terminals. Additionally, RBC presents a number of new value-added services based on advanced world business technologies on Quote.ru.

For the convenience of users, Quote.ru is divided into several topic sections: 'Equities', 'Bonds', 'Commodities', 'Analysis', 'Exchanges', 'News' and 'Ratings'. The first three will be dedicated to developments in all segments of equity, debt (bonds, promissory notes and state securities) and commodity markets. The sections 'Analysis', 'Exchanges' and 'News' generalize and add to the previous sections by contributing macroeconomic information and data from currency exchanges. At the same time, all the sections of Quote.ru are connected with each other with the help of a convenient search engine and a forum that enables its users to discuss all topics they are interested in.

This resource accumulates a huge amount of information about stock, financial and commodity markets, which has never been done on the Russian Internet before. Most of this online information will be distributed free-of-chare.

"While creating Quote.ru, we were first of all aiming to maximally facilitate activities of professionals as well as inexperienced participants on stock and commodity markets," RBC Media Director Artyom Inutin said. "The main emphasis was made on analytical materials, surveys and forecasts from leading investment companies," he added.

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