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Press releases | Archive 2005

RBC TV audience surges more than 20% over six months

RBC TV audience surges more than 20% over six months

Commissioned by OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS, MICEX: RBCI), the independent media researcher COMCON Media has evaluated the volume of the RBC TV audience, its consumer preferences and social and demographic profile in summer 2005.

The daily audience (those who usually watch the channel every day) totaled 2.057 million viewers, or 4.9% of the total coverage. More than a half of the weekly audience (56.2%) watch the channel at least 3 out of 5 weekdays, and two thirds watch RBC TV on weekends as well. In the period from October 2004 to June 2005, RBC TV’s television rating (TVR) grew to 0.92% that allowed the channel to move five positions up to No. 10 among all Russian television stations.

In terms of the average viewing time, RBC TV jumped to the 2nd place with 365 minutes/week, lagging behind only ORT (447 minutes/week).

Among the most popular programs are ‘News’, ‘Dialog’, ‘Markets’, ‘Intrigue of the Day’, ‘VIP Person’, ‘Sphere of Interests’, and ‘Automotive News’. According to the research, company owners and top managers favor such programs as ‘Markets’, ‘In Focus’, ‘Corporate News’, ‘C-news’, ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Star Dust’.

Viewers highly appreciate the quality and timeliness of information reported by RBC TV and admit that it impacts their professional activities. For example, almost half of the business channel’s audience (48.9%) discusses topics mentioned on RBC TV with partners and colleagues or opt to learn more about markets, companies or topics covered on the channel (47.4%). Some 14.9% of respondents have made investment decisions based on information provided by RBC TV.

The average age of the channel’s viewer is 38 years. Some 55.5% of the audience are men. Almost 60% have higher education, a Master’s or Doctorate degree or have completed at least 3 years at university. One third of RBC TV’s employed viewers (33%) are company owners, business executives and managers (including individual entrepreneurs); 24.3% are employees, technical and support staff; students account for 8.75%.

The majority of RBC TV viewers work in such economic sectors as industrial production, wholesale and retail trade, construction and real estate, finances and insurance, transport, IT and telecommunications, the mass media, advertising and marketing as well as at government agencies.

Studying the viewers’ consumer preferences, sociologists say the majority of them (69.2%) try to keep up to date with new products appearing on the market, and do not mind to pay more for a quality product (64.1%). These are people who lead an active life, can afford to buy expensive products and make transactions with real estate (18.5%) and securities (13.7%). Some 50.8% of RBC TV viewers have one or more cars in the family; 9.6% live in apartments or country houses with an area of more than 80 m2.

The study was conducted among people aged 18 and over in cities randomly selected out of all the cities where RBC TV is available. The channel broadcasts in 24 Russia’s largest cities and cities with a high share of affluent residents. Total sample size is 3,042 people with an error range of not more than ± 1,8%. Survey method: a telephone poll (CATI) in Moscow and St. Petersburg; face-to-face street interviews in other cities. The quality control at COMCON Media meets ESOMAR requirements.

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