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Press releases | Archive 2009

RBC launches Macroeconomics project

Moscow, February 19, 2009 - RBC announces the launch of a new project – Macroeconomics – integrated with the Quote.ru financial news portal. The product is aimed at providing RBC’s users with regular updates on macroeconomic statistics for Russia and a number of other countries.

The new project is divided into several blocks offering information, news and analysis. In these blocks visitors will have access to an economic calendar for 6 countries, the latest showings for at least 30 to 40 macroeconomic indicators, the most recent economic updates, analytical articles and commentaries by experts of the world’s leading investment companies, as well as economic forecasts by more than 20 top world’s and Russian investment banks.

In addition to that, the portal’s users will also be granted access to statistics archives featuring historical macroeconomic indices, along with a brief description of each of the indicators, including a note on the periodicity of updates and the date of the latest update. The dynamics of each of the indicators can be tracked in a chart.

“We have brought together a huge amount of macroeconomic statistics featured separately on RBC’s financial Internet resources, and based on it developed a new product, which enables its users to perform a comprehensive analysis of the macroeconomic situation in Russia and other countries. This project will be of interest for both professionals and broader audiences. Furthermore, we believe that now, amid an economic downturn, the demand for such products will only rise,” said Vyacheslav Masenkov, Deputy General Director of RBC Media .

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