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Press releases | Archive 2003

RBC releases first issue of Internet business newspaper RBC Daily

Moscow, February 19, 2003 - OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS: RBCI; MICEX: RU14RBCI4001) releases the first issue of the analytical business newspaper RBC Daily (www.rbcdaily.ru). The management of the company expects that this new information product, created within the framework of the development of RBC's media business, will substantially broaden the business audience of RBC through increasing the volume of publicly available analytical information. RBC Daily will focus on the analysis of the situation in different sectors of the Russian economy and leading market players by using true and objective first-hand information.

RBC Daily will report on such topics as the development of Russian businesses (including business conflicts and methods of their settlement, competition and dishonest business practices); the place of Russian business in the global economy; the most high-performing industries in Russia and abroad as well as interaction between the business community and the state.

The newspaper is committed to reporting all business events in accordance with the principles of objectivity and presentation of opinions of all interested parties.

"We believe that our efforts will contribute to the improvement of the Russian business environment. We will also draw attention to the most promising sectors from the viewpoint of economic and social development and protect consumers' interests, which are the main driver of all business activities," said RBC General Director Yury Rovensky.

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