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RBC to purchase RU-CENTER

Moscow, March 16, 2011 — OJSC RBC and CJSC Regional Network Information Center have reached an agreement on the acquisition of the domain name registrar and hosting provider RU-CENTER. Regional Network Information Center will become the sixth business unit incorporated in the Hosting Community group of companies which is a part of RBC Holding.

The parties to the deal expect a significant synergistic effect, higher efficiency of both companies, and stronger leadership positions on the hosting and domain services market. The joint activities will allow the partners to offer a better quality of services to the clients.

Given the company’s size, its possession of complex software and hardware solutions, an extensive client base and numerous standing contracts, the parties agreed to introduce the position of managing director at the Regional Network Information Center. Alexander Panov, managing partner at Hosting Community, has been appointed to this position. His main task will be to ensure that Hosting Community’s interests are given due consideration during the merger process, as well as to supervise finances and any major developments in Regional Network Information Center. Former General Director of Regional Network Information Center Alexey Lesnikov will now act as advisor to the managing director.

“RU-CENTER is one the largest Russian companies providing online services. Its expertise has won broad acclaim by experts. Our companies have been working side-by-side for over a decade, and we have strong partner relations. Merging our efforts will enable us to improve performance, which will be beneficial to both companies and the Internet community at large. RU-CENTER is the top professional on the domain name market in Russia, while Hosting Community is the number one player on the Russian hosting market. Together we will become leaders in both areas,” said managing partner of Hosting Community Alexander Panov.

“We are truly delighted to have this opportunity to present our clients and partners with access to additional hosting services provided by the acclaimed market leader – Hosting Community,” noted advisor to managing director of Regional Network Information Center Alexey Lesnikov.

“The domain names and virtual hosting services market is currently in the rapid development stage. Joint operations will allow the companies to expand their business horizons and rethink their approach to providing online and media services,” indicated RBC General Director German Kaplun.

Details of the deal will be published after all the legal procedures have been completed, including the approval of the deal by RBC’s Board of Directors, as well as following the performance of all obligations by the parties.

Hosting Community is a part of RBC media holding and integrates five major telematics service providers: domain registrars R01 and Centrohost, as well as hosting companies Hosting Center, SpaceWeb, and Peterhost.

RU-CENTER is Russia’s first and largest professional domain names registrar and a leading hosting provider. The company offers a full range of domain name registration and Internet addressing services.

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