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RBC launches first online game project

Moscow, December 13, 2007. - Media Mir, a subsidiary of OAO RBC Information Systems (МICEX, RTS: RBCI) has introduced a new game services business branch and announced the launch of its first project - the 'Incarnation' online browser game.

A special department established to develop a new and promising segment on the Russian Internet will publish, engineer, produce and localize massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) as well as handle the development and distribution of casual games.

At the initial stage, Media Mir acted as a publisher of the 'Incarnation' game (www.incarnation.ru) that had been designed by a specialized developing company Neokortex based on Macromedia Flash technology. It is a multiplayer role game with a 'free to play' business model. Any registered user can access it free of charge, only paying for additional options. The game is expected to have 400,000 users by the end of 2008 and generate monthly revenue of around $150,000-300,000 beginning the second half of 2008.

"Developing services that target a mass audience, we have been tracing popular trends. At this point we can say that a growing number of Russian Internet users are using various game services, including multiplayer browser games and casual solutions. With this in mind, we have been cooperating closely with a number of Russian and international players on the market. The game 'Incarnation' is the first product of this partnership. In future, we will offer many more interesting, captivating and even useful games. Depending on the product, we plan to use a mixed model for receiving revenue from game services, combining subscription, 'free to play' model and advertising. By the end of 2008, we hope to control 10% of the Russian market," said Mikhail Gurevich, General Director of Media Mir.

According to research by comScore, at least 217 million people in the world play online games (this does not include those who play through client programs, rather than using webpages). The independent research company DFC Intelligence estimated the world market for online games in 2006 at $4.5bn. The figure is expected to increase more than 2.5-fold by 2012, reaching $13bn. More than half of the revenue from online game business comes from massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), mostly through subscriptions. According to DFC Intelligence, the percentage of casual games, which have simple rules and do not require advanced user skills, will rise by 2012, while revenue from advertising and value-added products will be on par with revenue from subscription.

Russia's online game market is expected to be worth between $60m and $80m in 2007. Browser games, which use a browser interface and do not require the installation of any specific software, are the most popular in Russia, thanks to their low development costs, while the market for casual games is relatively new. With the rising number of personal computers, growing Internet penetration and developing online payment systems, Russia's market for online games is set to maintain rapid growth. Currently, it is growing by almost 100% a year.

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