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Press releases | Archive 2007

RBC buys Memori.ru and Aeterna.ru Internet projects

Moscow, October 11, 2007 - OAO RBC Information Systems (MICEX, RTS: RBCI) announced its acquisition of two startup projects: the social bookmarking service Memori.ru and and the entertainment online resource Аеterna.ru, which features various tests and polls. Both startups will be operated by MediaMir, an RBC subsidiary responsible for the expansion in the area of general interest Internet

Mikhail Gourevitch, General Director of MediaMir gave the following comments on the acquisitions: "Similar Internet resources are widely popular in Western countries. As far is Russia is concerned, social bookmarking and online test services have huge development potential, and we are poised to develop the two projects as standalone resources as well as export them as embedded blocks to partner websites. I am positive that, with MediaMir's expertise and wide technical and marketing opportunities, Memori.ru and Aeterna.ru will grow strongly".

Memori.ru is one of the leading Russian social bookmarking services, offering users an opportunity to store their favorite bookmarks on the Internet and access their collections from anywhere in the world. Users can share or exchange their bookmarks with friends or other user groups. Memori.ru helps users find new and interesting websites, along with people with similar interests. This resource also provides an alternative search opportunity, the so-called social search, which is conducted with the help of tags (keywords that help create and organize bookmark clusters). In September, the resource's monthly audience exceeded 500,000 unique users.

Aeterna.ru is the largest entertainment portal on the Russian Internet, offering a wide variety of tests and polls. Any user can create his or her own tests and polls, which others can then answer. Test results can be copied and posted on a user's home page, in a forum or a blog. The tests and polls are dedicated to a broad spectrum of subjects, including psychology, role-playing games, consumer preferences and jokes. As of September, Aeterna.ru monthly audience reached 500,000 unique users.

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