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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC TV's audience doubles over half a year

RBC TV's audience doubles over half a year

It became possible to increase the channel's audience due to both a greater number of cities included in the broadcasting territory, and the fact that the channel gained more popularity.

This information is based on the research "The Audience of RBC TV" prepared by an independent research company COMCON-Media in October 2004. Sociologists made up a detailed social and demographic portrait of RBC TV's audience, as well as analyzed its consumer preferences and material well-being.

In addition, for the first time COMCON did research of the affluent TV audience of Moscow at RBC TV's request. It showed that the channel's affluent audience accounts for 17.5% of the total Moscow audience.

In terms of the average time that people spend watching the channel, RBC TV got close to the federal channels, as it is watched for 236 minutes a week on average. Among the top five programs of the first Russian business television are Automotive News, Dialog, News, Markets, and VIP Person. The World Business and Capital programs became very popular among the well-off audience too.

According to the survey, the average age of RBC TV's viewers is 39, of which 38% are top managers and company owners, and 25% are middle-level managers.

Sociologists point to the high income level of RBC TV's audience. 84% of the channel's viewers have PCs, 65% have digital video cameras, 44% have satellite dishes, and 38% - lap tops. One third eat out at least once a week. They spend $1,223 per person on average for vacations. 85% of the families that watch RBC TV have one or several cars with an average price of the last purchased one equal to $14,500.

The survey was conducted in random cities that receive RBC TV, namely Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Tula, Tyumen, Murmansk, Belgorod, Vladimir, and Vologda. The sampling size is 3,028 people, the error rate is +/-1.8%. Methodology: telephone interviewing (CATI) in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, face-to-face interviews in other cities. COMCON surveys meet all ESOMAR quality standards.

The target group of the affluent Moscow audience includes Muscovites over 18 years old with high incomes (can afford a car, a country house and an apartment). Methodology used with this group: face-to-face interviews in the places most frequently used by these people (trade centers, car dealerships, fitness centers, business centers) and telephone interviews.

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