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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC Soft develops car imports control system for State Customs Committee

RBC Soft develops car imports control system for State Customs Committee

The company RBC Soft has completed development and put into test operation the first phase of a complex automated system Auto-Transport, which is designed for registration and control over the supply of motor vehicles to Russia.

Among the functions of the automated system Auto-Transport is the tracking of the implementation of preliminary operations, basic customs procedures and customs control over motor vehicles, data analysis and support for the management decision-making process. The system Auto-Transport can provide information about a particular motor vehicle and its status in Russian customs. Later the system will include new functions such as the registration of data on issued automotive liability insurance policies, information about the distribution and use of special forms (motor vehicle customs registration certificate/car frame customs registration certificate) filled out by customs agencies. The State Customs Committee is also planning to integrate this automated system with software used by the State Traffic Police in the future. The automated system Auto-Transport is a national system that will encompass about 600 customs checkpoints in 89 Russian regions.

A considerable number of customs violations are made while importing motor vehicles. The launch of the automated system Auto-Transport will enable the committee to decrease illegal imports of automobiles and contribute tens of millions of dollars to the budget annually. Citizens will also benefit from the introduction of this system since it will simplify and speed up customs processes and help protect the rights of honest buyers of motor vehicles.

The automated system Auto-Transport is developed on the basis of a technological platform of Oracle Corp. RBC Soft is a certified partner of Oracle Corp.

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