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Press releases | Archive 2004

The Association of Russian Banks awards RBC TV

The Association of Russian Banks awards RBC TV

Russian bankers recognized the contribution of journalists and mass media in the coverage of banks and finances

The Association of Russian Bank is a non-for-profit organization uniting commercial banks and organizations whose activities relate to the functioning of the Russian monetary system. The association comprises 70% of banking institutions that jointly control some 90% of assets of the Russian banking system. The main goal of the association is to develop banking business in Russia. Every year, it honors the best journalists and mass media sources for providing on-going objective coverage of the financial and banking sectors.

"In my opinion, RBC TV is very popular. And it is going to be even more popular, as people wish to understand what is happening on financial markets, in the banking sector and in the business community in general. Business television provides an excellent opportunity to receive compressed and interesting information at any time," Association President Garegin Tosunian said. "I definitively think it is a very promising sphere, and RBC TV is doing a very good job."

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