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Press releases | Archive 2011

Famous Russian economists to host new series of programs on RBC-TV

Moscow, April 7, 2011 — RBC group of companies announces the launch of a new series of programs on RBC TV. Professional financial experts and prominent figures in the Russian economic circles: Viktor Gerashchenko, Mikhail Khazin and Sergey Aleksashenko, will host these programs.

Starting April 11, RBC-TV will start a new project - A dialog with… - a program about most relevant issues in Russia’s finances. It provides information about the state of and outlook for the economic development in Russia and addresses shifting trends in the global economy. The distinctive feature of this series is their hosts. All of them have wide professional experience in the public and private economy sectors.

Viktor Gerashchenko – a professor, Ph.D. in economics, author of a restructuring program for the banking system, and former Chairman of Bank of Russia.

Mikhail Khazin – a political writer, TV presenter, author of numerous articles and interviews on political and economic issues and former Economic Development Ministry official.

Sergey Aleksashenko – a member of the Carnegie Moscow Center’s research council, a former high-ranking Bank of Russia official and Aeroflot Russian Airlines executive, author of scientific papers and articles on the taxation system, privatization and economic sociology.

“RBC-TV is embarking on a new development stage, in which its programs are hosted not just by stock and financial markets professionals, but people who have held high positions in business and in government. They have vast experience in economic management and thus they are prominent figures. Their opinion is very important to market participants and numerous viewers of our TV channel,” RBC Media CEO Artyom Inyutin said.

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