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Press releases | Archive 2004

RBC TV introduced new program schedule

RBC TV introduced new program schedule

The new program schedule strengthened a block of programs about the stock and financial markets. The 'Markets' program gave birth to two new programs 'Corporate News' and 'Companies'. They are devoted to the latest corporate news, and their guests are the owners of major companies, top managers and experts.

In addition, the channel keeps introducing new programs about various markets and businesses. 'Automotive Expert' will make the viewers feel as if they are test-driving the latest Russian and foreign car makes, tell them about trendy car tuning tendencies and keep them informed about all further events on the automotive market. 'Commercial Break' expands on the latest events in advertising and marketing, uncovers professional secrets of advertising people in Russia and abroad, tells about advertising festivals and PR campaigns, and also unveils the history of world brands.

News programs are further developed on the channel too. 'The Weekly World Wrap' tells its viewers about all global processes, the most important and interesting events, and world's main political figures. The new entertainment program 'Star Dust' is devoted to the recent events from the life of Russian and foreign celebrities and goes about show business mechanisms as well.

"RBC TV is a young channel, but we are growing very rapidly and become more interesting and professional," RBC TV General Director Artyom Inutin said. "We modify the channel's content in accordance with the preferences of our target audience. The new program schedule reinforces our news programs and financial analysis. We also introduced an entertainment program 'Star Dust'. As far as other programs are concerned, we changed their format, refreshed graphics and design. Our main objective remains unchanged - to provide the viewers with information that would help them make business decisions."

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