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Press releases | Archive 2004

Comcon Media: RBC TV weekly audience exceeds 1.5m people

Comcon Media: RBC TV weekly audience exceeds 1.5m people

According to the survey, the weekly audience of RBC TV is 1.563m people, including 383,000 in Moscow. This is the number of people who watch the television channel at least once a week.

The audience of RBC TV includes people with pretty high incomes. Almost half of them (45.4%) have one or several cars in the family. They are fond of traveling (there are two times more people who go abroad regularly among them than in Russia on average). They spend 1.5 times more on recreation and rest, home construction, going to restaurants and buying and maintaining automobiles than the average Russian citizen who watches traditional television channels.

Almost one fourth of them (22.9 percent) are middle and top managers and over one fourth of them (27.6 percent) are qualified specialists. One third of the audience of RBC TV is employed in such spheres as the manufacturing industry, construction and the financial sector.

The share of men in the structure of the television channel's audience is 50.6 percent. Almost half of the audience of RBC TV (39.1 percent) are middle-aged people (from 31 to 50 years old). The average viewer age is 41.

Having drawn a social and demographic profile of an RBC TV viewer sociologists point out that mainly married people watch the business channel; almost two thirds (62.7 percent) of the audience of RBC TV are married. Over half of the audience has a good education (52 percent have either a university degree or completed three years at a university). About two thirds of the respondents spend a lot of time at work (some 62.1 percent of RBC TV's audience work more than 30 hours a week).

RBC TV attracts its largest audience on workdays. About two thirds of the respondents (67.6 percent) watch the channel on weekends while 88.7 percent on business days. A respondent spends over 2.5 hours a week on average watching RBC TV programs.

In March 2004 RBC TV was broadcasted in more than 30 cities in the Russian Federation (note: currently RBC TV covers more than 40 cities) with a total population of 29.12m people. The survey covered 13 Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Saratov, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Arkhangelsk, Vladimir and Belgorod). The cities were selected at random; the population and the location of the cities were taken into account. The total number of people polled was 3,019; the sampling error does not exceed 1.8 percent.

The first stage of the survey included the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as face-to-face interviews in the street in other cities. Quality control was implemented in compliance with ESOMAR standards: checking 15 percent of the interviewees over the phone or revisiting a respondent; monitoring mistakes of every interviewer; monitoring mistakes of every operator; a 100 percent checking of a questionnaire by supervisors. Consumer preferences of the audience of RBC TV were analyzed at the second stage of the survey on the basis of a regular assessment of the Russian Target Group Index (R-TGI).

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