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Press releases | Archive 2008

RBC TV enhances cooperation with Comcor TV

Moscow, April 3, 2008 - ZAO RBC TV, a subsidiary of OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS, MICEX: RBCI), announces further enhancement of cooperation with Comcor TV, the owner of the digital cable operator AKADO. As a result, RBC TV channel has been added to all basic packages offered by the AKADO Network.

AKADO Network offers telecommunications services, including more than a hundred digital TV channels, high-speed unlimited Internet access, IP telephony, and radio. The audience of the Network in Moscow, Zelenograd and Lyubertsy exceeds 800,000 households. Thanks to new agreements, since March 1, 2008, RBC TV has become available to the subscribers of AKADO's digital packages "Orbita", "Sputnik", and "Sozvezdie", as well as in Comcor TV's analog channels package. Therefore, RBC TV is now included in all the basic or so-called 'social' packages of the AKADO Network.

"Making RBC TV available to Moscow viewers is our key goal and this is why we are working with all major cable TV operators, to try and add our channel to their basic packages. The new agreement that was reached with the fast-growing company Comcor TV is yet another step towards reaching our audience. Inclusion in social packages and further expansion of AKADO Network's coverage will make RBC TV even more accessible to Moscovites interested in economic and financial news. Furthermore, we will offer our advertising clients the possibility of reaching out to a wider audience," said General Director of RBC TV Artyom Inyutin.

"We strive to expand the possibilities of our audience," said General Director of AKADO Network (ZAO Comcor TV) Sergey Alimbekov. "Introduction of new services, TV channels, and more competitive tariffs forms our strategy, which is aimed at gaining a leading position on the market. Therefore, cooperation with RBC TV is absolutely logical. In return, we offer RBC TV access to an expanding audience. Meanwhile we continue to enhance the coverage of the Network," he added.

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