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Press releases | Archive 2009

RBC Daily changes format and number of pages

Moscow, March 3, 2009 - Beginning March 2, 2009, the RBC Daily business newspaper appears in a new 20-page format measuring 350x587 mm, which publishers call a Berliner.

RBC Daily's format change goes in line with the global move towards new newspaper formats in an effort to live up to the requirements of the dynamic lifestyle that every modern person leads. In the rush of contemporary life, the requirements for the portability and dynamism of state-of-the-art newspaper formats tighten. The Berliner format meets all of them.

At the same time, it keeps RBC Daily’s structure unchanged and the measurements of advertisements in the newspaper from shrinking substantially. Moreover, with the Berliner format, advertising pages always stay in perfect sight of the reader.

“The Berliner has been broadly acknowledged by the world's leading business titles,” said RBC Media's General Director Artyom Inutin. “Narrower pages have made the newspaper more convenient to read on the way to work or at the desk. While the Berliner format makes a compact newspaper, it still differs from a tabloid.”

“We first considered a format switch a year ago, but the plans were delayed by a lack of the technological capacity. To prepare for the shift, we did some research into how advertisers would take the adoption of the new format, and the findings were perfectly in line with our expectations," Mr. Inutin added.

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