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RBC best media source on the Russian Internet

RBC best media source on the Russian Internet

The Runet Award ceremony marking the first ten-year anniversary of the Russian segment of the Internet took place on November 29. RBC was named award laureate.

The Runet title was awarded to 15 companies and projects that had made the most substantial contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of the Russian Internet over the past 10 years.

Russian Internet 10th anniversary events were held under the auspices of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications. In future, the National Award of the Russian Internet (the Runet Award) will be presented every year.

"We have been growing along with the Internet since the server of our news agency appeared on the World Wide Web in 1995," RBC General Director Yury Rovensky said, welcoming the accolade. "Nowadays, it's impossible to surprise anyone at having a corporate web site but at that time, we saw ourselves as pioneers and were sure we were discovering a new epoch," he said.

"Today, RBC provides Internet users with some ten specialized news resources - an economics news agency, electronic newspapers and a business TV channel," Rovensky added. "The new communications environment offers unique opportunities to develop business. I think RBC is an example of a company that has taken 100% advantage."

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