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Press releases | Archive 2003

RBC-TV to go on the air on June 30, 2003

Moscow, June 2, 2003 - The Russian business channel RBC-TV will go on the air on June 30, 2003. At the beginning the channel will broadcast in a test mode for a limited number of clients. According to the decision of the Board of Directors of ZAO RBC-TV, the channel will cover the 12 largest Russian cities (initially it was planned to broadcast in Moscow and St.- Petersburg only). Corresponding agreements have been reached with regional distribution companies. The potential audience of the channel exceeds 17 million people.

The channel will be focused specifically on business, financial and relevant political news. RBC-TV will also present analysis and expert commentaries in the context of the economic situation in Russia and abroad. The channel will provide 24-hour television coverage of the domestic and international financial markets seven days a week. There are currently no other television stations devoted to such programming in Russia. The RBC-TV concept and format will be close to Western business channels but RBC-TV will create exclusive Russian content for a business audience.

The audience of RBC-TV will consist of business executives and employees of investment and insurance companies, banks, exchanges, investment funds, accounting and consulting firms, state officials, business media and other professionals needing up-to-date financial and economic information. RBC-TV programs will also be of sufficient general appeal to members of the general public such as economics students, private investors and others.

The channel will continuously broadcast the following information: economic, financial and political news both from Russia and abroad provided by presenters; in-depth analysis, forecasts and commentaries presented by specialist panels; interviews with top businessmen and politicians, business press digests. RBC-TV's daily schedule will include live reports, preview of upcoming events and full news round-ups, feature and analytical programs, special reports on Russian and overseas market activity, programs on current problems of Russian business and economic documentaries.

The concept of RBC-TV does not envisage the estimation of a situation by the channel. Viewers will have an opportunity to see the facts, compare opinions of a wide range of experts and draw their own conclusions.

An Advisory Board, which has been established under the Board of Directors of RBC-TV, will play a major role in determining the strategic goals of the channel, its editorial and broadcasting policies. The RBC-TV Advisory Board will also fine-tune the channel's activities during the test broadcasting.

For the implementation of the television project, RBC-TV received investments from the parent company OAO RBC Information Systems (RTS: RBCI; MICEX: RU14RBCI4001). Also RBC-TV attracted additional financing as a result of a private placement among Western investors. According to conservative estimations of the management, the project will break even in two years, with the payback period of three years.

Potential advertisers of RBC-TV include investment and insurance companies, banks, real estate firms, construction companies, airlines, car dealerships, telecommunication and business service providers as well as listed entities. To date, a number of contracts have already been concluded regarding advertising pre-sale on the channel.

RBC Chairman and CEO German Kaplun said that the personnel of the channel had been completely recruited. The total staff of RBC-TV is approximately 450 people. RBC Media Director Artem Inutin was appointed RBC-TV General Director. "The channel is ready to go live. We have made every effort for the channel to become a huge addition to the Russian media world and expect viewers to appreciate the results of our work," Kaplun added.

Mass broadcasting of RBC-TV will start on September 1, 2003. The channel will be available to public via satellite distribution networks (NTV+, Kosmos-TV), cable networks (Comcor-TV, Divo-TV), regional broadcasters, and on the Internet (via the Tochka.Ru network).

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