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Largest Tatarstan leasing company chooses RBC's solution

Largest Tatarstan leasing company chooses RBC's solution

The variety and complexity of tasks that TKPK solves while carrying out large projects in the republic call for the implementation of a modern management system. TKPK chose the enterprise management system on the MBS Navision platform with the intent to create a single information network at the company, optimize its financial flows and build a unified database of resources of Tatarstan companies operating in the housing and public utilities sphere. The project envisages the integration of all administrative, financial and documentary information of the company as well as the unification and standardization of document flow coming from government agencies.

"The implementation of the RBC Leasing information system will enable us to integrate business processes, cut lead time for preparing leasing transactions and set up efficient control and monitoring. We believe it will enhance our competitiveness and expand the number of transactions," TKPK General Director Andrey Simakov said.

Additional information
Tatkommunpromkomplekt was established in 1990 as a state enterprise under the Tatarstan Ministry for Construction, Architecture, Housing and Public Utilities with the mission to ensure a regular supply of material resources to all Tatarstan enterprises working in the spheres of construction, housing and public utilities. Today, the company continues to carry out large state-launched leasing programs for communal services and road building, such as a program for replacing boiler units at Tatarstan boiler plants, a program for reconstruction of natural gas metering stations located in communal facilities of the Tatarstan republic, a pilot program for reforming housing and public utilities in the city of Chistopol, and others.

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