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Press releases | Archive 2003

RBC SOFT recognized as one of the best companies on the Russian IT market

RBC SOFT recognized as one of the best companies on the Russian IT market

RBC SOFT is ranked among the leaders in the first rating of companies operating on the Russian IT market. The rating is a joint project by the Kommersant-Dengi economic weekly and iOne. Information Technologies.

According to methodology employed by the rating organizers, all companies were compared using a non-dimensional index that characterized the scale of their business. The scale is mainly determined by revenues (with a 0.9 multiplier) received by companies over the first three quarters of 2003. A company's staff, client diversity (amount that is equal to the number of clients per operational employee), and a branch network also contribute to the index. For software developers, income from IT services connected with the implementation and support of their products, as well as license sales, are taken into account. The efficiency of a business is characterized by the amount that corresponds to revenues per operational employee. The ranking of software developers is given in Table 1.

Table 1. Software developers

Ratingv Company Note Scale index Efficiency index (against the average on the market)
1 Microsoft (the Russian and CIS office) Including the indices of Microsoft Business Solutions 943 - (no developers in Russia)
2 Cognitive Technologies (OOO Kognitivnye Technologii) 48% of revenue comes from custom programming 364 +2.505
3 1C Sales from software dealership are not taken into account 215 +1.885
4 ZAO Korporatsiya Parus - 211 -0.356
5 ZAO Diasoft Banking computerization systems 124 -0.26
6 ZAO Korporatsiya Galaktika - 116 0.0
7 EPAM Systems Offshore programming 112 -0.31
8 ZAO RBC Soft - 96 +0.524
9 Luxsoft (the IBS group of companies) Offshore programming 80 -0.394
10 ASKON (St. Petersburg) - 57.2 -0.486
11 Aplana Software Services (the IT group of companies) - 56.8 +1.191
12 OOO Programbank Banking computerization systems 52 +0.038
13 ZAO Prognoz (Perm) Custom programming 28.7 +0.09
14 OOO Infin Accounting systems 27.9 -0.391
15 OOO Reksoft (St. Petersburg) Custom programming 23.7 -0.489
16 ZAO Alladin R.D. 70% of revenue comes from distribution 10.2 0,543 (distribution revenues not taken into account)

It is obvious that without Oracle and SAP (according to their corporate policies, Russian offices of these international companies could not disclose local figures) Microsoft's regional office looks the leader. Among Russian companies, Cognitive Technologies, 1C and RBC SOFT are the most noticeable.

"We are a public company and always ready to provide necessary financial information for public analysis," RBC SOFT General Director Alexey Kuzovkin said. "I would like to point out that our sales data was confirmed by our official auditor KPMG. Demand for business solutions is constantly growing and our IT revenue and client base are stably increasing as well," Kuzovkin added.

About RBC SOFT. The company (www.rbcsoft.ru) specializes in the implementation of large IT projects. RBC SOFT is a successful and rapidly developing company. Revenues from programming and IT services were around $14 million in 2002. RBC SOFT's solutions have been implemented at state organizations, large banks, manufacturing companies and other institutions. Among RBC SOFT's clients are the Russian Railroad Ministry, the Russian Telecommunications Ministry, the Emergencies and Crisis Center of the Russian Atomic Energy Ministry, ROSNO, Gazprom, Tetra Pak, PHILIPS, Finnair, Metro Cash & Carry, GUM, and the Bolshoi Theater. The company employs over 350 people, of which many have scientific degrees. The high quality of RBC SOFT's services is ensured by the quality management system certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 international standard.

Press and investor contacts:
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